Selected Projects:


A WYSIWYG where users can take notes in plain text AND create code snippets within their document!

Built on: HTML, CSS, JS, React, Redux, Express, Docker

Click here for the presentation & demo!

The Cellar

E-commerce website for the purchase of wine!

Built on: React, Redux, Express, PostgreSQL

Into the Abyss

A dungeon crawling card game.

Built on: HTML and Javascript(Phaser.js).

In the works:


A platform for all teachers to upload and share lesson plans. Will have the ability to also leave comments & feedback.

Features (Work in progress):

• Calendar unique to each user that will allow for, "todos" and better help with organization.

Built on: React & Firebase



To help frustrated job seekers actually filter jobs to tailor their needs! This platform will help job searching easier and more time efficent.

Features (Work in progress):

• In browser plug-in to remind users follow-up with job applications

Built on: React-Typescript, Python, & Django